Our Second Featured Members List

Greetings to all
 Authors United is proud to present

Our second featured members list.

Authors United believes in tarrying for one another to reach our goals.
We continue to strive in this belief daily by helping our members with the philosophy of our motto:

"For we are strong individually, yet when we are united we are unbreakable!"   

So, without further a due... 
We present the member's of Authors Untied and their talented works 

About our member:  Barbara Molin
 She is an accomplished, prize winning, freelance travel writer, and a photographer who has been traveling, sailing, and living aboard solo and with friends for over 25 years. Her work has been published in magazines such as 'Sail, 48 North, Latitudes and Attitudes, Living Aboard' and various others magazine publications.
Her photographs accompany her writing and grace the occasional cover. From 2010 to 2014, she was the founding publisher and managing editor of The Ionian, a yachting, travel and lifestyle magazine. She is the author of 'Salt Water In My Veins' a book of short stories about her sailing life. She is a member of NFAA and the Toronto Writers Co-operative. Presently, Barbara is writing her next book and she’s planning a writers' retreat in Greece. 

About Barbara Molin's book titled: “Salt Water In My Veins”

It is a collection of 21 stories from Barbara Molin's lifetime of sailing and living aboard in Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and while crossing the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. From buying a dream boat that soon becomes a nightmare, to accidentally deploying the anchor in the middle of the Atlantic, the stories highlight the author's passion for the sea, persistence in the face of challenges, and her independent spirit.

You can purchase Barbara Molin’s 'Salt Water In My Veins' by clicking the link below.

For more information about our AU member: Barbara Molin’s please click the link below to read her personal blog.

About our member:  J. W. Barlament
He is the self-published author of the novel, 'Plight of a People - Volume I', and he is in the process of writing the second volume currently. He is a student living in the United States, and allows his mundane surroundings of the rural Midwest to fuel his visions of worlds far more extravagantly chaotic than his own. In addition to writing, he enjoys spending time outdoors, playing soccer, drumming, as well as writing music. He is available for contact primarily at jwbarlament@gmail.com.

About J. W. Barlament's book titled: 'Plight of a People'

It is a literary fantasy epic; that tells the tale of one group's struggle to survive in an ancient world throughout the centuries. His book is split into three separate stories, with each engaging story following a leader in their attempts to rule in an unruly world, it mainly follows the collective efforts to survive made by all people. Great beasts and watchful gods intervene in the many wars of the book, but their majestic influences only serve to heighten the carnage. It's an ambitious novel of war and philosophy unlike anything else in modern fantasy.

You can purchase 'Plight of a People - Volume 1' by J.W. Barlament buy clicking the link provided below.

About our Member: Robert A. Hunt:
Robert A. Hunt has always been known for his creative ideas. His passion is for reading and writing, and his insatiable desire to create what has never been created before. Because of this, Robert A. Hunt has dedicated his life to publishing books that wouldn't otherwise exist. From science, to the intelligence of other creatures, Robert A. Hunt has brought his ideas to life through action and adventure stories which are sure to intrigue readers with new perspectives and possibilities. In his own words, "As a reader, I'm looking for something rich, deep, new and exciting. Unable to appease my hunger for this, I set out to make the kind of stories I was looking for." This is the beginning of a new era of storytelling.

About Robert A. Hunt’s collection of novels:
With his wide array of sci-fi and adventure fictions books that are respectfully listed below which includes:

'Jasper: and the Shelter of Angels book (1)'

'Jasper: and the Shroud of Death book (2)'
'The Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend'
'The Cross-Breed Legend'
'The Coalmont Legend'
'The Cross-Breed Legend (book 3)'  
'Genation 1: Earth Volk'
'Genation: Verticus (book 2)'
'Genation: Grizz: Rise of the Blackguard'

The links to Robert A. Hunt’s Amazon Author page and his Good read’s Author page are provided below so you can purchase his collection of works.

To learn more about our member: Robert A. Hunt please use the links below to follow his blog site and social networking handles 

 Amazon author central page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00A8PV86W

About our member: Dudley Clarence Sturgis:
 He is a pagan self-published author. Although he writes in a vast number of genres, fantasy is the most common one He delves into. His literary works pertains to feminist and pro-LGBT+ themes.

About Dudley Clarence Sturgis’s book titled: “Fairytale”:

Fairytale is inspired by such works as, “The Legend of Zelda”, “Kingdom Hearts”, and various other classic fairy tales. You may think you know fairy tales, but there are a lot of twists and turns between this "once upon a time", and "happily ever after."

The links to purchase Dudley Clarence Sturgis’s 'Fairytale' fantasy and his collection of books are listed below:
His collection of books on Lulu: http://ww.lulu.com/spotlight/Zeanith
His collection of books on Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search…
His collection of  books on Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Dudley%20Clarence%20Sturgi…
His collection of books on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search…
His collection of books on the iTunes iBookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/…/dudley-clarence-stur…/id586381553

About our member: Mike Howard:
Mike Howard was born in Great Yarmouth Norfolk where he still lives today. For most of his working life he worked as an electronics engineer, but since 2007 he has been a Support Worker for YMCA NORFOLK. This change of career came about after several years as a foster child caretaker. Mike has always enjoyed writing for fun and put his skills to use by writing and producing a pantomime for YMCA in 2014.

About Mike Howard’s book series: 'The Chronicles of Mike Bike Hall':

If you enjoyed 'The Gruffalo', by Author Julia Donaldson; then you’ll love these laugh-out-loud rhyming tales of quick-thinking, lemonade-drinking Mike Bike; as he battles against dastardly villains to defend Mike Bike Hall.

The link to purchase Mike Howard’s 'The Chronicles of Mike Bike' Books 1 and 2 is listed below.

About our member: E. Shawn Tomes:
E. Shawn Tomes writes for a variety of genres including professional development, fiction short stories, poetry and fantasy. In elementary, he read his first book series: ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Since that first book, Shawn has been hooked on the art of storytelling through writing. Shawn also admires authors with the ability to create whole universes through the power of words.  As do most people that experience the abundant pressures of adulthood, he went through a phase of only focusing on his professional career, but he continued to write short stories and poetry as a past time. The loss of his younger sister Elyssa D. Tomes, caused him to reflect on what was important in his life. His inward journey sent him down the path of reconnecting with his passion for writing.  Thus, he is currently writing and editing his debut book series titled ‘Eyes of Shadow: Myth of Oblivion’.

About E. Shawn Tomes's Book titled: ‘Eyes of Shadow: Myth of Oblivion’

After losing his sister to illness, Edward becomes distraught. He struggles to find the strength to endure his existence. His wife, kids, even his other siblings are not enough to help mend his heartbreak. Edward is at risk of being swallowed and lost forever to this overwhelming affliction of loss and death. In one of his most crippling darkest moments, the depths of the shadows consume his mind. As Edward transverses the gloom, he senses a presence. It is ancient, powerful, and it seems to be attracted to his anguish. Although fearful at first, Edward feels strangely comfortable and tethered to this presence within the shadows. Unbeknownst to Edward, he had somehow accessed a conduit to the world beyond the physical. A world where the gods dwell. However, the ubiquity within the shadows Edward has summoned is not a god. The presence is Astraea, a sorceress that lived more than two millennia ago. Somehow, by joining to the shadow realm, Edward and Astraea are bound transcending space and time. Their decisions on how to use this new-found power will shape both the heavens and the world.

About E. Shawn Tomes's  blogsite:
Please join his blog as E. Shawn Tomes shares his adventures and sparks discussions centered on his book series debut of ‘Eyes of Shadow: Myth of Oblivion’. On his blogsite he will also give the audience sneak peeks into the world of ‘Eyes of Shadow: Myth of Oblivion’ by sharing small excerpts from his manuscript. In his own words: “I am but a speck from the womb that is creation. The creation source where my sister now dwells. I would be honored to share my aspect of that stream of consciousness with you through my expressions.”
 By clicking the link provided below you can read E. Shawn Tomes blog collection and keep up to date on the release of his debut series: ‘Eyes of Shadow: Myth of Oblivion’
Blog Site: http://www.thetomesaspect.com/

About our member: Duane Windell Phillips: Currently he lives in Georgia. He is a writer, poet, stargazer, and is still trying to decide what he will do with his life when he grows up.

About Duane Windell Phillips's book titled 'Blind Horizons'
  Years after marrying the man her father chose, Amal sees a blind man begging on the street. She recognizes him to be her childhood love, Ali. Memories and feelings flood in as she longs to be with him again. Not knowing Amal is near, Ali continues to pine for the one who soothed his heart with kindness and love while sight left his eyes. Each locked in dark worlds, can Ali and Amal find hope, love and one another?

You can purchase Duane Windell Phillips's novel: 'Blind Horizons' buy clicking the links below.

The link for Kindle reader's

Blind Horizons:

The link provided below is for paperback book copies available on Amazon

About our member Dawn Marsanne: 
She is an avid reader of suspense, thriller, and crime fiction novels. She had spent many years working in the field of scientific research which led her to write, 'The Persford Series', a series set in the world of pharmaceutical research. Her first novel in this series titled, 'Adverse Reaction' is now published on Amazon Kindle. In her own words, “Whilst I explore some of the serious issues facing the industry I have kept technical details to a minimum to make the novels accessible and understandable to people without a scientific background. Hopefully I have created a fast-paced narrative which holds the reader’s attention. On completion of the first novel I became so interested in my characters that I continued their adventures in two further books.”

About Dawn Marsanne's novel titled: 'Adverse reaction':
Adverse reaction is about a secret from the past which results in an opportunity for blackmail. The two main characters met at university, then went their separate ways. When their paths cross more than a decade later a dramatic chain of events is unleashed which pushes both characters to the limit. How far would someone go to protect their reputation and all they have built up? Other characters are caught up in the power struggle which threatens to have serious consequences. Some of the events of this book have implications for the characters in the subsequent novel which is being prepared for publication.

You can purchase Dawn Marsanne's novel 'Adverse reaction' for kindle by clicking the link provided below.

Our member Dawn Marsanne can also be found on Twitter @dawn_marsanne

About our member: Lee Paulse: In her own words,  "Well number one, I am in love with what I do. I write poetry and stories. I am passionate and enjoy music, learning new things about people and life and remaining opened minded about things. My poetry in most cases is based on truth, sorrow, life, love, and my personal opinions, but also it is a way of communication for others to relate to me and various topics.”

About Lee Paulse Story titled: “The Islandist

Lee Paulse's story is based on a young woman that unfortunately wakes up with amnesia. She is helped by a man who found her and now is set on helping her, but as the story progresses on she finds out some very interesting things about herself. You can find Lee Paulse poems and stories on wattpad.com by using the links provided below.



This concludes our Second Featured Members List.
 I’d like to personally thank each talented member who participated, and I wish each one success towards their dreams. 
Please support Authors United and our extraordinary members by sharing this blog via social media and with friends and family.

On behalf of the members of Authors United
 May God bless you and we the members thank you.
O.A.B.  representative 
Marcus G. Monroe


  1. This is great! I am honored to be featured this round.

    1. Mr. Tomes I'm honored to have you as a member of Authors United. Thank you for participating in our second feature list.

      On behalf of Authors United - we thank you.

  2. Still can't believe I'm apart of this website since I only just started publishing,but thank you for the privilege


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